How To Beat the Paradise Protection Protocol in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How To Beat the Paradise Protection Protocol in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Wondering for how to beat the Paradise Protection Protocol in Pokemon scarlet and violet? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have stories that go well beyond defeating the Elite Four. In fact, players will discover an entire vast underground area called Area Zero, filled with powerful Paradox Pokémon from the past or the future, depending on which version you’re playing. This area and the final boss of the game consist of his two fierce battles between the Trainer and the Paradise Protection Protocol. The first battle will consist of the game’s Professor fighting an AI version of him, but Paradise Protection Protocol will force you to fight the game’s version of the Legendary Pokémon and emerge victorious to truly complete the story. How to get over Scarlett and Violet’s final encounter.

How To Beat Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Scarlet

Fight Collidon with Pokemon Scarlet due to Paradise Protection Protocol. Collidon is level 66 and a dragon/fighting type. He has high attack power and quickness, but has a major disadvantage of having a double weakness with the Fairy type. This means that if you form a team with at least one strong Fairy-type he can defeat Corridon easily. Other good types are Flying, Psychic, Ice, or Dragon.

Most players will immediately think Tinkerton is a good bet, but as part of the steal, if you can’t parry the attack quickly enough, you can be KO’d. By now, in Area Zero he should have come across A Flutter Mane or Scream Tail. This two Pokémon of his can easily defeat Collidon with a single Moon Blast or other powerful Fairy attack. They also have the bulk to withstand hits from Legendary Pokémon. You can also figure out about best nature for Koraidon from here.

How to Beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Violet

Myridon is level 66 and a dragon electric type. Miladon is a bit more difficult than Scarlet’s Legendary Partner, as he doesn’t have double weaknesses against any type. Myridon is vulnerable to ground, ice, dragon, and fairy type attacks.

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Attacking Myradon with a powerful Ground-type Pokémon is best here. Clodsire is a good choice when it comes to striking. Clodsire is safer than other soils because Miradon outperforms nearly all soil types. It has insane mass and high special defense, and is resistant to electrical attacks. In other words, it shuts down a lot of what Myradon can do.You also have access to Yawn attacks and poisons.

Before the final battle, AI Sada and AI Turo aren’t weak, so be prepared for that. Fairy types work well in all situations here, and you can’t go wrong with most counters if you have access to powerful attacks.