How to Beat 2048 – Best Tips and Movement

Today, we will show you how to beat 2048 – best tips and movement. 2048 is a game that can be addicting and fun, yet it can also be frustrating when you keep hitting a wall. The game involves sliding tiles with numbers on them around a network. At the point when two tiles with the same number touch, they converge into one tile with the amount of the two numbers on it. The goal is to get to the 2048 tile.

Tips and Tricks to Beat 2048

While there are many ways to play 2048 game in how to beat 2048 – best tips and movement, here are a few tips that may be useful to you beat it:

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Focus on Two Directions Only

How to Beat 2048 – Best Tips and Movement

2048 is all about building up blocks of numbers by combining them. However, you can only combine numbers that are touching either horizontally or vertically. Therefore, the way to progress is to focus your moves in two directions only.

Along these lines, you can keep your board clean and increase your chances of finding matching numbers that you can combine. Since the game starts with two random numbers, you ought to start by deciding which direction you want to focus on first. Once you have made your decision, only move the tiles in that direction.

Remember, you can only combine numbers that are touching either horizontally or vertically, so don’t waste your time trying to combine numbers that are not close to each other.

Never Move Tiles Upward

How to Beat 2048 – Best Tips and Movement

This is the top stunt you ought to remember. Move no tiles up except if you absolutely have to. At the point when you move tiles up, there is a decent chance that you will create a gap between two tiles.

At the point when this happens, it becomes tough to make any advancement because you will be constantly moving tiles around, trying to close the gap.

In this way, when you pick the direction, it ought to ideally be either to the right, left, or downward and never upwards. The only time you ought to move tiles up is when there are no other moves left, and you have to make a tile match with the one above it. You can also read about how to complete Rising Star Challenge.

Keep the Highest Number in a Single Corner

How to Beat 2048 – Best Tips and Movement

You want to keep the highest number in a single corner. This will allow you the best opportunity of combining like numbers and reaching 2048.

Pick a spot, whether the bottom left or right box, where you’ll concentrate on building the highest number. This strategy will allow you the best opportunity of having sufficient room and moves as you progress through the game.

At the point when you slide tiles toward the side you’re concentrating on, make sure to slide the larger numbers first. Along these lines, the smaller numbers will have a chance to move into the unfilled spaces created when you combine the other numbers with greater ones.

Always Remember to Focus on 2048

With such countless numbers on the screen, it very well may be easy to get distracted and chase after lower-scoring tiles. Yet, assuming your goal is to hit that sought after 2048 tile, you really want to focus on moves that will get you there as fast as conceivable. You don’t have to go for the highest-scoring tile each and every time except attempt to keep an eye on what’s around the 2048 tile and make moves that will create a path toward it.

Getting distracted by the smaller numbers is easy. Nonetheless, if you want to beat the game, focus on the tile you really want and work toward making sufficient room for a 2048.