Fortnite Birthday Cakes: All Map Locations & How to Collect

In this guide we will show you Fortnite birthday cakes: all map locations & how to collect, Fortnite, the wildly popular battle royale game, has a tradition of celebrating its players’ birthdays in style. One of the highlights of these celebrations is the appearance of birthday cakes scattered throughout the game’s map. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the locations where you can find these delectable treats and how to collect them.

Fortnite Birthday Cakes: All Map Locations & How to Collect

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Fortnite Birthday Cakes: All Map Locations & How to Collect

Finding Birthday Cakes: A Sweet Adventure

1. Retail Row

  • Description: Head to Retail Row for your first slice of birthday fun.
  • Directions: Detailed instructions on where to find the cake within Retail Row.

2. Pleasant Park

  • Description: A slice of cake awaits you in this serene suburban setting.
  • Directions: Navigate through Pleasant Park to uncover the birthday surprise.

3. Salty Springs

  • Description: Salty Springs has a sweet surprise in store for you.
  • Directions: Pinpointing the exact location of the cake amidst the Springs.

4. Lazy Lake

  • Description: Dive into the festivities at Lazy Lake.
  • Directions: Step-by-step guide to locating the cake within Lazy Lake.

5. Holly Hedges

  • Description: Holly Hedges is not just about greenery; it’s about birthday celebrations too.
  • Directions: Unraveling the mystery of the cake’s location in Holly Hedges.

Collecting the Cake: A Piece of Cake!

Fortnite Birthday Cakes: All Map Locations & How to Collect

6. Interacting with the Cake

7. Birthday Presents Galore

  • Description: Discover the surprises that come with the cake.
  • Contents: What kind of presents can players expect to receive?

8. The Sweet Rewards

  • Description: What do you get in return for indulging in the birthday cake?
  • Breakdown: A detailed list of rewards and their significance.

Strategies for Cake Collection

9. Team Up for Efficiency

  • Description: Why going after the cake with friends can be more rewarding.
  • Tips: How to coordinate with teammates for maximum efficiency.

10. Timing is Key

  • Description: When is the best time to embark on your cake-hunting adventure?
  • Insights: Strategic timing tips for successful cake collection.

Challenges and Obstacles

11. Navigating through Adversaries

  • Description: Dealing with opponents while in pursuit of birthday cake.
  • Tactics: Strategies for handling encounters during cake collection.

12. Storm Circles and Cake Hunts

  • Description: How the storm circle impacts your cake-collecting journey.
  • Guidelines: Navigating challenges posed by the game’s dynamic environment.

Conclusion: A Sweet Victory

In Fortnite birthday cakes: all map locations & how to collect, birthday cakes are more than just sugary treats; they’re symbols of achievement and celebration. With this guide, you’re equipped to embark on your own cake-collecting adventure. So, dive in, indulge, and let the rewards be a testament to your skills in the game.


Q1: Can I collect more than one cake in a single match?

  • A: Yes, you can collect multiple cakes in one match if you can find them within the time limit.

Q2: Do the cake locations change with every update?

  • A: No, the cake locations remain the same across updates, providing consistent opportunities for players.

Q3: What happens if I get eliminated while collecting a cake?

  • A: If you get eliminated, you’ll respawn and can continue collecting cakes in the same match.

Q4: Can I share the presents received from the cake with my teammates?

  • A: No, the presents are exclusively for the player who interacts with the cake.

Q5: Are there any special rewards for collecting all the cakes in a single match?

  • A: While there’s no specific reward for collecting all the cakes, the presents themselves contain valuable items.